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Businesses worldwide are missing out on millions in potential cost savings while expending valuable internal resources and negotiating unnecessary contract terms. Our concise short course serves as an invaluable guide for companies, equipping them to educate their entire workforce on the strategic aspects of sourcing.

By raising awareness among employees, organizations can unlock the potential to save millions in procurement costs and optimize their operations effectively.

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Strategic Sourcing 101 will give you:

Cost Savings Mastery:

Unlock the secrets to achieving substantial cost savings during contract negotiations. Say goodbye to excessive expenses and hello to optimized contracts that benefit your bottom line.

Risk Mitigation:

Learn how to safeguard your organization from costly pitfalls. Say no to contracts that leave you stuck with no termination rights and avoid dreaded cost hikes upon renewal.

Efficiency Unleashed:

Master the art of streamlining approvals and fast-tracking contracts to completion. Say farewell to bottlenecks and hello to a swift, efficient process.

Project Management Excellence:

Gain the skills to set up and manage projects seamlessly. Learn how to delegate project tasks effectively, empowering your team to excel.

Automation Revolution:

Witness the power of Microsoft Business Apps in real-world Strategic Sourcing and Procurement scenarios. Streamline and automate your workloads, making your job more efficient and effective.

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Here’s what you’ll get in Strategic Sourcing 101:

 24 HD video lessons
 Over 90 minutes of practical no BS content
 Practical tools and resources
 Downloadable check sheets
 Take the course on any device
 Free lifetime updates
 No limit on how many times you take the course
 No deadline to complete it by
 28-day no-fuss guarantee

To add even more value to the Strategic Sourcing 10 package, and to give you the best chance of achieving success, I want to also include these bonuses worth over $300:

PowerPoint Slide Deck

Get the complete set of slides used in the course and use them as a comprehensive reference tool. It allows you to revisit the course content, key concepts, and visual aids at your convenience, reinforcing your learning.

These slide decks serve as a valuable aid for note-taking during the course. You can annotate slides, jot down additional information, and keep your notes organized alongside the lesson videos.

PowerPoint Slides include additional Bonus Content

  • Project kick off tips
  • Negotiation workflow 
  • Services Negotiation tips
  • Key Terms and Definitions
  • Step by step guide how to build a requisition Form (Build Your Own Free)

Value $200

Bonus Material

Bonus: Student gain a sneak peek into the MS tools and AI Module where Students will gain exposure to the latest business applications to resolve, manage and automate Sourcing, Procurement & Vendor Management activities. Students will discover how automation and strategic sourcing can lead to substantial cost savings, mitigate risk and create new opportunities for their organization.

Downloadable Checklist

  • Checklist reference what to look for when evaluating your deals 

Value $100

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  • 24 HD video lessons
  • Over 90 minutes of content
  • Practical tools and resources
  • Downloadable check sheets
  • Take the course on any device
  • Free lifetime updates
  • No limit on how many times you take the course
  • No deadline to complete it by
  • 28-day no-fuss guarantee

Course & Live Coaching


Includes taxes

Arrange a virtual  private session for up to 12 students to cover course topics, students partake in an in-depth discussion on the topics & Q&A with instructor.
Package includes a Strategic Sourcing Course for all 12 students attending the course.


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Frequently Asked Questions...

The ROI on this course is a no brainer companies are looking for Procurement and Sourcing people to provide ideas for cost savings and risk mitigation. This course can be shared with companies and new employees everywhere to help provide procurement awareness and alignment on the companies cost savings and risk mitigation initiative. 

Don’t leave without asking yourself, how can you produce cost savings during deal negotiations if you don't learn how to do it well?

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