Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

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Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
Generative AI
Online course

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StrategicĀ  Sourcing 101 Course

Students Learn:

  • Contract Terms & Negotiations


  • Produce Cost Savings
  • Reduce Cycle TimeĀ 
  • Mitigating risk


  • MS power tools (Power Automate, SharePoint, Flow)IĀ 
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Using Generative AIĀ forĀ  Procurement, Sourcing & Supply Chain

  • Supplier evaluations
  • Cost analysis
  • Risk assessmentsĀ 
  • Improve Communication and collaborate with your team and partnersĀ 
  • Automate and optimize your procurement processĀ 

Generative AI tools using:Ā ChatGPT Plus, CoPilot ProĀ 


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All The Tools You Need to Negotiate Your Contracts

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